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Fully automated stations and analyzers for monitoring inorganic pollutants, organic pollutants and particulates.                 More info...

Respirable Dust Sampler (SSES-APD-001) was designed and produced by Soniya Scientific Equipment Solutions Pvt. based on the concept and requirement given in the BIS 5182 (Part-23) 2006                                                    More info...

Single or multiple Gas detector using sensor technology.

We can customise as per client requirements.                                                                     More info...

The most common and widely used method (world over) is extractive sample method or Grab sampling technique. Grab sampling technique is also often treated as the reference standard method. Grab Sampling technique is not restricted to a specific pollutant. The same system with different reagents may be used for a variety of pollutants and over different ranges of concentration.                                      More info...


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