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SSES-AWS-010 automatic weather station a product of Soniya Scientific can use for continue monitoring, selecting the parameters i.e. wind speed, wind direction, rain fall, temperature, humidity, solar radiation, air pressure, soil temperature, soil humidity, etc with datalogger function. It has also the facility, where data can be transferred to computer software by 4G, GPRS for analyzing the data.


-The microcomputer weather data acquisition instrument has function, such as weather data acquisition,

Real-time monitoring of meteorological parameters such as wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, temperature, humidity, air pressure, solar radiation, soil temperature, and soil moisture.

-real-time clock, storage function, parameter setting, history data protection. Data transmission: standard RS232/485/USB/RJ45 communication function, support MODBUS

communication protocol, can transfer to weather computer through communication wired methods.

-With many types mounting brackets and field protection boxes, good looking appearance and anti-


-The power system has multiple modes of AC, DC and solar systems;

-Reliable operation in various harsh outdoor environments, low power consumption, high stability, high

precision, and no need unattended;

-Perfect protection measures such as lightning protection and anti-interference;

-Hardware and software adopts modular design and open design, which can be combined very flexibly;

-Weather sensors can be selected according to needs; Technical Parameters:

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