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handy sampler

Soniya Scientific Equipment Solutions Pvt Ltd designed a handy sampler SSES-HS-001, that inbuilt with best light weight pump battery operated to suck air through 25 mm dia filter for PM and through suitable absorption solution contained in impingers (2Nos) fitted. Thus besides particulates any two gaseous pollutants can be monitored simultaneously.

To ensure complete absorption and reduce loss of absorbing solutions by evaporation, the impinger tubes of the SSES-HS-001are kept in an insulated ice tray.

Special Features:

Ø Battery operated pump runs for a full shift of 8 hrs.
Ø Rechargeable, Maintenance free Battery.
Ø Provision for the system to operate off the mains also.
Ø Calibration Certificate for each instrument shall be provided with instruments


Handy Sampler.jpeg
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