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continuous Air Quality monitoring station

Technical Design:

  • Dynamic heating dehumidification system can minimize the influence of humidity on particulate matter

  • Through the actual test, when the air humidity reaches 95%RH in this system, the error of monitoring value and state control point is within 20%

  • The error can be further reduced by comparing with the multi-point calibration of the state control point

  • Cooperate with humidity monitoring, adjust the heat dehumidification module in real time, further reduce system running power

  • Imported upto 13 electrode sensor for environmental air quality,respond quickly

  • Strong anti-interference ability

  • High resolution (ppb Grade); Wide work range

  • The data acquisition system uses 32-bit high performance industrial-level processors,with 16-bit high resolution ADC enables the sensor to perform more effectively

  • Cloud/GSM system

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