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Our Quality Policies are fixed in written principles and procedures ensuring its proper application, control and documentation.

Our system arranges to comply with the arrangements made with our customers concerning the quality of performance.

It corresponds to the demands of ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management). The Soniya's commitment to quality is stated in our Quality Policy.

The Quality Policy statement is as follows:

  • To guarantee and improve the customers contentment.

  • To guarantee procedures with a reference to quality and environment.

  • To settle responsibilities and to regulate interfaces.

  • To guarantee the quality of our products, deliveries and services.

  • To guarantee production and completion according to contract.

  • To plan internal audits.

  • To make available and maintain test equipment.

  • To record and analyse quality assurance data and environmental data.

  • To supervise the management systems efficiency.

  • To guarantee staff qualification.

  • We will maintain financial stability for our shareholders and maximize the return on their investment.

  • Supplier relationships are critical to us. 

  • We will practice good corporate citizenship through the creation of jobs, concern for the environment and charitable works

  • To guarantee the quality of our services during their utilisation.

Our quality system applies to all fields of the company and is binding on all of our employees.

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