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Gaseous Sampling
Gaseous sampling kit

Technical Design:

The Respirable Dust Sampler is essentially a particulate sampling system requiring a high flow-rate. Gaseous sampling (for NO2, SO2, CL2, NH3, O3, H2S, etc) requires only a few LPM of air flow. Soniya Scientific Equipment Solution Respirable Dust Samplers SSES-APD-001 and PM10/2.5 Sampler SSES-FDS-004 are provided with a suction port and mounting hardware to facilitate interface of the Gaseous Sampling Attachment SSES-AGS-003.

Special Features:

  • Easy installation of Impingers.

  • No heating up of absorbing solutions due to heat from the blower.

  • Provision of using ice or cold water bath around Impingers for complete absorption of sparsely soluble gases.

  • Facility of taking the Impingers tray directly to the laboratory for safer transit of glass parts.

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