Technical Design:

Soniya Scientific Stack Sampler SSES-SEM-001 has been developed to fulfill these requirements where user ease and emission monitoring regulations requirement have been given due consideration for reliable data generation.

SSES-SEM-001 is light weight and portable system fitted with suction pump, with digital pyrometer and digital differential meter. Shifting of instrument from one stack to another stack is very easy. Measurement for differential pressure done by using S-Type Pitot Tube and digital differential meter.

High quality leak proofed push fitting for Thermocouple and Pitot tube are used. Two dial type vacuum gauges are provided for onsite monitoring of pressure drop in gas stream and particulate stream separately.

Thimble holder nozzle and probe pipe has been fitted with Viton O Ring for leak proof connection. Thimble holder can accommodate CFT and GFT and Silica thimble with no extra efforts.

Measurement temperature of outgoing gases after cooling can be done with the help of Thermometer which is placed in the impinger tube.

Stack Kit.jpeg