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Soniya Scientific Equipment Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of laboratory and environmental monitoring instruments. With the help of our professional team, and formulation of our wide novel ideas, we produce Air Quality Monitors, Automatic Weather Stations, Respirable Dust Sampler, Fine Dust Sampler, Combo Dust Sampler, Stack Sampler, Personal Air Sampler, VOC Sampler, Handy Sampler, Noise Meter, Autoclave, Freezer, Oven etc. We mainly  focus to built cost cutting instruments along with best technology for a better industrialisation. Our efforts have made beneficial impact with innumerable client in adopting eco-friendly habits. We are wide exporter of our products out of the country.

Soniya scientific has an excellent R & D team to develop and design new products and customised products according to required specifications.

We have an excellent marketing team, who covers the market of world wide.

The products are industrial instrumentations, including of the Gas detection system (including of the Fixed gas detector, Portable gas detector and Gas detection controller), Air quality monitor system, Sound Level Meter, and other laboratory instruments. All of the products are widely applied for many different fields.

With the advantage of technology, products, price, pre-sale and after-sale service, we believe that we can successful set up favorable and close relationships with the partners in various fields, including petroleum, chemical, gas industry, electric power, environmental protection and energy saving, steel industry, metallurgy, water treatment, pharmaceuticals industry medical industry and food service industry, etc.

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