Soniya Scientific Equipment Solutions Pvt Ltd focused on providing quality services to enable our customers to perceive their actual necessities, this is made possible by expanding our multiple tasking engineering by, leveraging its cutting edge technology to bring the best quality service.


       Owing to our self-motivated passion in researching and developing the environmental monitoring and laboratories technologies with the cooperation of              some professional researching institutes, our prompt and customer-oriented services have been reaching our clients without any delay.

    Most of company’s success can be attributed to its excellent track records of premeditated site survey. This site survey will enables our process engineers to make sure the specific requirements of the client and to conclusively establish the actual necessities of the industry.

    Soniya Scientific Equipment Solutions Pvt Ltd offers repair services at Soniya Scientific Service Center or at customer’s site. The repair service includes fault tracing, repair or replacement of failed components, and a final testing to ensure functionality according to specifications

    Soniya Scientific Equipment Solutions Pvt Ltd provides a comprehensive range of standardized and customized calibrations services. All types of laboratory and air quality monitoring equipment calibration and repair services are globally available from Soniya Scientific Regional Service Center.

    Soniya Scientific Equipment Solutions Pvt Ltd Training Services ensure that you get the maximum operational benefit from your investment. We offer a comprehensive range of training services during the life cycle of the system. This training will be conducted by our highly skilled and professional engineers to make sure we deliver the best out of us.

    Soniya Scientific Equipment Solutions Pvt Ltd Installation Services may consist of civil works, hardware installation, implementation and integration into the customer’s infrastructure to ensure a smooth start up and optimal long term performance for the installed observation system.


       Soniya Scientific Equipment Solutions Pvt Ltd is your trusted partner that delivers quality testing services and ensures the safety and regulatory compliance         with our testing, inspection and certification services. Soniya Scientific is the best laboratory testing service provider in Lucknow, UP, India.

  •  Automotive Part Testing

  • Building Material Testing

  • Chemicals Testing

  • Electronics/Electrical Testing

  • EMI Testing and EMC Testing

  • Environmental Testing

  • Food Testing

  • Micro Biological Testing

  • Non Destructive Testing

  • Oil & Petroleum Testing

  • Water Testing 

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