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Technical Design:

SSES-APD-001 suck ambient air using low maintenance brushless and noiseless blower through corrosion free aluminum modular pipe and pass thorough a sharp cutoff cyclone which divides the particulate matters in two fractions: one below 10 microns (<10µ), and another above 10 microns (>10µ).

The Respirable dust (below 10 microns) directly get deposited on the glass micro fibre filter paper and the coarser particle (above 10 microns) collected in the cyclone cup fitted under the cyclone. A time totalizer records the total running time of the blower. A programmable digital timer makes the instrument to stop and start as per requirements set in the timer. The manometric systems indicates the rate of flow in cubic meter per minute which can be read directly on calibrated scale.

fine dust sampler (SSES-FDS-004)

According to new guidelines for Air quality monitoring, where measurement of PM 2.5 is mandatory besides other parameters for defining the quality of ambient air. An impactor based PM 2.5 sampler has been manufactured by Soniya Scientific Equipment Solutions (SSES-FDS-004) which meets requirements of measurement of PM10 & PM 2.5.

  • Design and Developed as per USEPA published standard designs.

  • Accurate Particulate Sample Collection of PM 2.5 or PM10

  • User friendly having low operating cost
    Compact , Portable & Easy to Operate & Handle

  • Arrangement for Parallel Gaseous Sample Collection

  • Maintenance free Suction assembly, No maintenance required

  • Design to runs continuously 24 hours or more at constant flow rate of 1m3/hour

  • Filter Holder is design to accept any standard 47 mm dia filter.

COMBO dust sampler (SSES-CFDS-005)

  • Designed based on USEPA guidelines.

  • Sampling for PM10 & PM 2.5 dust are done at constant flow rate, reduce filter chocking even in areas of high PM concentration

  • Simultaneous sampling system of PM 10, PM 2.5, gaseous pollutant & heavy metals

  • Oil free, brushless & Less Noise diaphragm pump assemblies are immune to voltage fluctuation & require zero maintenance.

  • Suitable for outdoor use with corrosion free lockable housing.

  • Designed to work in all weather condition

  • Equipment can run upto 24 hrs continuously.

  • Filter Holder is design to accept any standard 47 mm dia filter which reduce the operating cost.

  • Compact, portable & simple to operate with user friendly features.

  • Compact and easy to handle due to reduction in weight.

  • Two part of cabinet and fitment of filter holder in the sampler are such so it remain suspended in air and remain close to ambient temperature at all the time even heat of motor fitted in lower cabinet of the sampler.

High Volume Sampler SSES-HVS-001.jpg
HIgh volume sampler 

  • Combine unique digital & mechanical flow measurement system using an orifice calibrated in m3/min.

  • Eliminate running cost of blower part’s.

  • Digital flow indicator provide onsite flow & sampled volume.

  • Size of the instrument is same as vhvs 5bl / vhvs 5.

  • Silicon tubing in place of pvc tubing for high long life.

  • No need to keep track of carbon brush.

  • Maintenance free suction assembly.

  • Less variation in flow.

  • Anodized aluminum body & frame work to withstand weathering effects.

  • Drain plug for manometer with light weight for handling

  • Separation of gable roof from main housing for easy transportation.

  • Designed to runs continuously 24 hrs.

  • 24 hr programmable timer.

  • Suitable for outdoor use, corrosion free lockable housing.

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